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Highly experienced Occupational Therapist/Care Expert.
Professional, succinct reports with justified recommendations.
Efficient and personal service.

Expert Witness Services

Occupational Therapy and Care Expert in medical negligence and personal injury claims

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Neuro-Occupational Therapy

Rehabilitiation with a highly experienced specialist Occupational Therapist

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  • "I have used Ms Fawcett as an expert in OT/care & case management for the Defendant for several years in high value claims, mainly Claimant children with cerebral palsy.

    I have always found her reports very fair and thorough. I like that Ms Fawcett sees the Claimant’s requirements from both parties perspectives and I cannot recall ever having to ask for an explanation or clarification of a report as she has already anticipated what the client’s and court’s requirements are. Reports are delivered on time in a clear, concise and readable format."

    - Comment from Defendant Solicitor

  • "We have worked with Justine for many years given the exceptional expertise and professionalism she brings to any case. Justine’s medico-legal reports are extremely thorough and she deals with identifying the main issues in a concise and easy to understand manner. Justine’s professional expertise and opinion has been an important factor in assisting the successful outcome to many complex injury/high value cases. We expect to continue working with Justine for many years to come."

    - Comment from Claimants Solicitor

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